ICG Rehab Services is the forerunner of Early Intervention services.
Licensed, Credentialed Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Developmental Therapists provide evaluations, assessments, and treatment to children from birth to three years.

Our experienced therapists provide the family and/or caregiver with education and training to support their child’s needs within the context of a natural family environment.
Our experienced therapists provide the family and/or caregiver with education and training to support their child’s needs within the context of a natural family environment.


Developmental Therapy


Developmental therapy focuses on how a child develops during the most significant period of growth: birth to three years old. Developmental therapists do not address one specific area, but instead look at a child globally (and don’t need parenthesis, cognitive skills, language and communication, social-emotional skills and behavior, gross and fine motor skills, self-help skills).




Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy includes services to address the functional needs of a child related to adaptive development; adaptive behavior, restoration, and play; and sensory, motor, and postural development. These services are designed to improve the child’s functional ability to perform tasks in home, child care, and community settings.


Physical Therapy


Physical therapy includes services to address the promotion of sensorimotor function through enhancement of musculoskeletal status, neurobehavioral organization, perceptual and motor development, cardiopulmonary status, and effective environmental adaptation.



Speech Therapy


Speech therapy includes services to address communication (speech/language) or swallowing (eating/drinking) disorders or delays that would impact communication or feeding.



Interpreter Services


If a language barrier interferes with the early intervention program, an interpreter communicates with the child and the family, and may also translate written documents into the family’s native language.


Medical Diagnostic


Our multidisciplinary team, led by experienced developmental pediatricians, is dedicated to evaluating children ages 2 – 18 with developmental, behavioral and learning disorders. We specialize in providing diagnosis and treatment recommendations for autism.

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation where each team member will meet with you and your child in the same visit. Directly following the evaluation, the medical diagnostic team will discuss your child’s diagnosis and review their recommended treatment options.


Assistive Technology


Assistive Technology (AT) is a term that includes services and devices. AT device means any item, piece of equipment, or product system–whether a vendor stock item or an item that is modified or custom built–that is used to increase, maintain or improve the developmental capabilities of children with disabilities.




Client & Family Testimonials

I was initially referred to ICG Rehab Services by a friend whose child also received Physical Therapy with our therapist. In addition to my son’s delay in gross motor skills, he also has behavioral challenges. Our Physical Therapist provided comprehensive treatments not only focusing on gross motor skills but also coaching us on behavior techniques to decrease our son’s tantrums and increase participation. Her patience, knowledge and explanation of techniques and compassion have been an invaluable part of our Early Intervention experience.

Katelyn V.

Our Speech Therapist was wonderful. Our daughter’s play became more purposeful on her terms - not just when we initiated. She is doing a great job on walks with interacting with various family members. Our Speech Therapist listened to and understood our concerns. She not only assisted our daughter to meet her Early Intervention outcomes, but also taught us how to better meet our daughter’s speech language development milestones and needs.

Diana & Miguel.

I am very pleased with my ICG Rehab Services OT service provider. She was knowledgeable, reliable and worked well with my son, engaging him in all treatment activities. He met his EI outcomes and we felt prepared to transition him to his school after ending EI services.