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ST and OT EI Services

Rated 5 out of 5
April 26, 2021

Our son worked with Jennifer Grzybek for Speech Therapy and Jacqueline Raschke for Occupational Therapy and Patty Vazquez from summer/fall of 2019 until February 2021 and we wanted to reach out and thank you and the team for all of the assistance you provided to our family.
We started noticing positive changes in our son from the beginning. When the sessions went virtual in March of 2020 because of Covid-19, we wondered how this would affect him but we were invested in putting in the effort necessary to make sure this would not slow his progress.
We are happy to say that he made great gains during this time and that would not have happened without the help of your team guiding us to ensure that each session was productive and informative regarding strategies that would help us support our son’s growth and development.
Jennifer and Jackie challenged us to be creative regarding how to use household items/our environment/new settings to expose him to new textures, food and language/vocab. They supported us so that we could remain consistent with these strategies while helping us to layer in new ones to keep us moving forward on his learning journey.
In the end, moving to telehealth sessions was a positive change and we cannot thank your team enough for the care and support they showed our family.

Anna and Joel Farietta